Original Paintings

Original Acrylic Paintings Directly From Bill Bowers. Hand Painted Reproductions Available For All Paintings.

All sales of original art are final and non refundable.

Shipping costs not included. Please contact Bill Bowers directly for a shipping estimate. Thank you.

Custom Commissions Accepted

“I have been creating art for 40 years creating both fine art, decorative arts , murals and installations to the interior design trade and commercial interiors. Explore my website and see what inspires you. All of the artwork ends up being site specific . To me a work of art is complete, not when I sign my name to it, but when it finds a home.

Custom commissions for specific dimensions, subject matter style and budgets  are accepted.” – Bill Bowers

The Bears of Asheville Collection

The Spirit Of Asheville In Your Home

The Bears Of Asheville Collection by Bill Bowers captures the spirit of Asheville and brings it into your home. These bears lived close to Bill Bowers for years and a special relationship was formed. This collection was designed to show the harmony between living creatures that the city embodies. The Bears of Asheville collection is available in framed prints and pillows, allowing you to completely transform any room.


The original Surreal movement started in France.

Surrealism became a formal art movement, with a strong political, philosophical and social undercurrent that defined the methods used to elicit shock and curiosity among its following.

These surreal paintings reflect none of the political and Freudian psychology , but rather express the dream or fantasy world that can live in magic and mystery as fact The animals submerged under the water suggests many ideas of being in the womb of the subconscious. Fantasy and magic can live free without explanation. In the Artist’s world it just is. Surrealism is infinite in its subject matter and emotional symbolism.


Bill Bowers has been painting traditional landscapes and murals since 1981. They have been executed in every style and scale.

Presently we have at Blue Dharma a few landscapes with hints or suggestions of sacred geometry and water.

Japanese spirit paintings

In many current films Japanese Spirit Women are featured as demons plaguing mankind. In the traditional Buddhist traditions Spirit Women are benevolent bearing gifts of luck and fortune. They bring spiritual qualities of inner wisdom and beauty.

Angels of the Four Directions

Archangels of the four directions installed in the front room of Blue Dharma Gallery

The Four Archangels of the Four Directions are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. They are associated with the four cardinal points on Earth, directing their energy towards helping human beings balance different parts of their lives harmoniously.

Michael is on the right, corresponding to the tribe of Reuben; Uriel on its left, corresponding to the tribe of Dan; Gabriel in front, corresponding to the tribe of Judah as well as Moses and Aaron who were in the east; and Rafael in the rear, corresponding to the tribe of Ephraim which was in the west.

The Archangels tend to speak in an archaic poetic tone, rather like music, but there is much to be gained from their knowledge and wise counsel.


New to Blue Dharma

A new addition to Blue Dharma is Billiam’s exploration of the persona of a specific person in a unique way.

These portraits are meant to elevate the Soul of the person being featured. As always I want to combine abstract elements with sacred geometry and the normal goals of why a person is being honored.

The result is showing the model in their most exalted state.

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