Spiritual Consulting

Bill Bowers

is an artist who had a profound spiritual shift from fundamental religions to a personal experience of Higher Wisdom in 1999. It opened up his psychic senses which began his work as a mystic. For 23 years now, he has utilized tarot, dowsing, and psychic conversations with the Non Physical Intelligence known for centuries as GOD. Bill has inspired and given clarity to groups and individuals without insisting on dogma and human opinions that separate and confuse people to create conflict rather than co-operation.

Experience a session with Bill to receive wisdom . It stimulates your own inherent Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Everyone has five psychic senses which can be developed stronger over time. The creative Spirit will rapidly accelerate your connection with the mystic within you. You have always had access to Source. All religions start off with the premise of honoring The Divine.

Make an appointment to experience your ESP to improve and flourish. Any aspect of your life that needs clarity will be revealed in such a way that you will know the information is for your highest good. In your life, what you want now , really wants you and the results should always be beneficial.

Session Rates:

30 Minutes – $125

60 Minutes – $200

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