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20 x 26 Framed - Acrylic On Panel

There is something timeless and mystical about the Blue Ridge Mountains here in North Carolina. Driving on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway is a transcendent experience. How fitting that a migrating pair of dragons passing through would stop and rest at the end of a sunny day. Viewing the dragon resting on a stone in the foreground makes me want to entice them both to be full-time residents of this area. I officially titled them “Blue Ridge Angels” to guard and protect the land and all the natural realms of life in this location. Honored with the title, they have not moved on. They are still here. We think they are staying. Through the winter they will change color and become iridescent white and blue.

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Meet Bill Bowers

Contemporary Artist

Bill Bowers is one of the most versatile contemporary artists alive today. His career as a professional artist spans 30 plus years and has produced many styles of paintings and installation artwork for both commercial and residential projects. Bill is known for his versatility and his ability to fuse styles of art together as never before.

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