Hermes Of The East


Acrylic on panel framed, 30 x 36

Hermes was a Greek God of fertility, a patron of music and was credited with the invention of music itself. He was also god of eloquence and presided over some kinds of popular divination. Any stroke of good luck was attributed to him and his function as a deity of gain are natural derivatives of his character as a god of fertility. This painting depicts him as Asian and thereby suggests an eastern counterpart of the Greek. His jade halo and dragon robe depicts opulence and beauty. Facing east, Hermes looks to the Zen and Shinto aesthetic for a life of art & beauty.


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Meet Bill Bowers

Contemporary Artist

Bill Bowers is one of the most versatile contemporary artists alive today. His career as a professional artist spans 30 plus years and has produced many styles of paintings and installation artwork for both commercial and residential projects. Bill is known for his versatility and his ability to fuse styles of art together as never before.

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