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Acrylic on Canvas, Ready To Hang, 36 X 48.
This enigmatic painting has quite the story attached to its creation.
Named after Claude Debussey’s music composition ” Prelude To Afternoon Of  A Faun”, The music was also used as a soundtrack for the 1948 movie “Portrait Of Jenny ” which is about an artist in the depression
who meets a young girl who is a ghost . He paints her protrait at the age of here drowning off Cape Cod ten years earlier.
I became an artist on Cape Cod and the age of Jenny is the age that my mother passed away at 23 years old. Jenny looks like my Mother Terry who  passed in 1958.  Listening to the music and watching the movie gives this painting a transcendant subtlety that I could have never planned. Prelude hangs in two directions and the music Debussy composed gives the viewer a deep sense of the forrest with no human present, Prelude is earthly, eternal and spiritual in essence.

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