Hand-Painted Reproductions

An original artwork is the first rendition of a subject matter and style. It means the art is one of a kind created by the artist and sold respectfully as a valuable item to collect. Often originals increase in value depending on the popularity and demand of the work of the artist. In printing , lithography and giclees a multiple series of limited or numbered renditions are made , signed and numbered as a collection. Usually they are limited series which also can increase in value.

Bill Bowers has yet again created another slant on this concept by creating his hand painted reproductions.

After the original is complete a photograph is taken of the image. He then has the entire image or sections of the subject matter either printed or transferred with tracing and /or pounce patterns to recreate the art in different sizes and dimensions. Like silk screenings or stencils the layout is created .

Next, Bill can paint the work entirely and often with added subject matter or slight variations. The end result is the artwork is created in less time and labor than the original. Thus the pricing of a hand painted original is a great way to have a painting by Bill Bowers but often with a moderate price. The reproduction is signed and dated and documented. Whereas the original “Bears Of Asheville” 40 x40 acrylic on wood was sold at $4,000. The hand painted reproduction could retail for – $600 – $1800 acrylic on panel depending on the size.

Several times his originals were featured in a magazine or on the website and are sold rapidly from walk-in customers that come to the gallery. Obtaining a hand painted reproduction allows people to still have an original work of art making your experience of Blue Dharma Collection unique.

Custom Sizes Are Accepted.

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Popular Hand Painted Reproductions

Custom Sizes – Price On Request 

Waterbed –  Resting With The Green Man

The Spirit Of The Falls

Bears Of Asheville



Senator Z

Twin Spirits

The Three Fates